For some of you the pool deck is already installed, but you want a new look. We do that too. What is the concrete finish going to be? Is it stamped concrete,Decorative stamped concrete (also known as patterned or impressed concrete) delivered many varieties, colors, and patterns in CT. View our gallery.Prowling the aisles of Armstrong, buying up inventory at IKEA, downloading from the Plow and Hearth and Guy Wolff – that’s right, I’m addicted to pots. Not long ago. Use a saucer to keep stains off.Options for your new deck include paver stone decks, natural stone decks, blue stone, limestone, brick, stamped concrete, spray deck, or just simply broomed.Pool deck resurfacing gives home owners the ability to create an all new look with the existing surface that they already have. The concrete can have the color and design altered to make the perfect look for your pool deck. Feel free to give us a call so we can help you get started with your Pool deck resurfacing project.Decorative Concrete Pool Deck: What Is it? What are decorative concrete pool decks? Actually, these decks take the boring concrete look and functionality and put them into a more pleasing design. With the installation of the decorative concrete pool decks, a backyard pool can easily be changed into the private resort you only dreamed was possible.Render your concrete pool deck cool, textured and colored with our decorative swimming pool deck coating system. Packaged as a kit and easy-to-apply over your new or existing concrete deck, this.Pool Deck Surrounds: Stamped Concrete Overlays. Bricks, pavers, cobblestone, flagstone and limestone are often used to accentuate pool deck surrounds, but these options could be pricey. With Stamped overlays, durability, low maintenance and beauty can be achieved at a more affordable cost..stamped concrete pool deck. If your concrete pool deck is damaged, replacing it with new concrete will certainly cost you a lot of money. To avoid this, you can.Best pool deck sealers for sealing stamped concrete pool decks, exposed aggregate concrete pool decks, concrete pool decks, and paver pool decks. Seal, enhance, and protect concrete against fresh and salt water pools.